Welcome to Flying Pencil Publications, publisher of Fishing in Oregon, The Eleventh Edition.


My name is Madelynne Diness Sheehan, author of Fishing in Oregon, “Maddy” to my friends. I've spent two years gathering information for the Eleventh Edition. Updates include 97 waters never before described, bringing the total to more than 1300 lakes, streams and bays. If you're new to Fishing in Oregon, you'll find here not only an introduction to virtually every fishable water, but also insight into how to fish this sprawling state, with its complex interaction between ocean and inland streams, and its dramatic variations in landscape and year-round fishing opportunities.

If we've been fishing together for years (or even decades), and you're holding your book together with rubber bands, I'm sure you'll appreciate how much has happened since the last edition was published. Dams have been removed, long-landlocked kokanee have been to sea and returned as sleek sockeye, fisheries closed for decades have reopened, wild cutthroat and coho are once more abundant enough to harvest, and plump trout ply the waters of formerly lifeless forest ponds, among many other changes.

More than 100 maps identify boat and bank access, submerged structure, and fishing holes. And you'll find suggestions for gear, introduction to local fishing terms and techniques, recommended roads and trails, and 100 photos to whet your enthusiasm.


Keep in Touch

For more than fifty years (27 on my own watch), Fishing in Oregon has distilled the collective knowledge of Oregon anglers and fishery scientists, offering a portrait of Oregon fisheries and how they respond to drought, flood, fire, climate change, and human intervention. As you use this book to explore Oregon, contribute to the chronicle by letting me know (by phone, letter, or email) of errors, omissions, and changes you encounter in your travels.